Unnecessary Things People Take To #NYSC Camp

Prospective corps members, As a follow up to a previous post – Things To Take To NYSC Camp , NYSC Camp Requirements – here is a list of things you do not need in an NYSC Orientation camp.

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1. MATTRESS: The Camp would provide that for everyone, so you don’t have to take any there. It would be excess luggage and in most camps if you meet the ‘wrong’ officials it would be seized.

2. CUTLERY: You might be surprised, but yes, they seize them except spoons. Knives, fork and even metal spoons are seized because it is believed that Otondos use them for negative things……

3. SOPHISTICATED GADGETS: Things like iPads, big tablets, laptops etc… These attract thieves and they are not necessary. In my previous post I said that you could take your PSP, games and novels in case you get bored. In fact for those who have smartphones, BlackBerries, iPhones etc. you do not need others. You should take just that to camp. At least the lesser you carry, the better for you to watch. It reduces the likelihood of it being stolen, misplaced or damaged.

4. BIG/EXCESS LUGGAGE: There is no need to stress yourself in carrying things you won’t need. When you are packing, ensure you check my previous post on what to take. Those are the necessities. Also on your first day, you would have to be moving around with your luggage or where you will be forced to put it on your head. Yes. On your head. God help you if yours is heavy. hmmm this is where OYO (on your own) wakes up. If you get the top bunk, you might not have space to store the said suitcase. Think it’ll attract thieves. The more it looks like you have, the higher the chances you’ll be targeted for theft.

5. PRESSING IRON: It would be seized from you and won’t get it back till camp is over. Also, most camps don’t have sockets in the rooms and some don’t even have electricity in the rooms allocated for corps members.

6. FOOD FLASK: During my time, it was useless to me because I didn’t eat camp food. I fed on almighty mammy food. lol. Actually, when I got to camp, I did buy one but it ended up being useless to me.

7. CAR: Why on earth would you take your car to camp? Are you trying to impress babes (for the guys) or oppress the officials?? It is not necessary. Some very strict camps would send you away or your tires would be deflated. It could be at a risk of being stolen.

8. Boiling ring, mirrors, bottled items, extension boxes. They will all be seized. (don’t ask.)

Are there any items missing from this list? Pls contribute. Remember comments are free. Lol.

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17 thoughts on “Unnecessary Things People Take To #NYSC Camp”

    1. Ofcourse you can go with a bathing bucket..but wouldnt you rather save urself the stress of travelling with buckets..buckets r sold at the camp

  1. Save yourself the stress of travelling with buckets and buy them at the camp…but ofcourse u can go with buckets

  2. Know yourself and financial your bouyancy. If taking things to camp is more economical then why would you want to buy them in mammy in the name of STRESS. For instance bucket sold ffor 150-200 naira cost 350 on camp in Jalingo. The extra 150 or 200 naira on it may take care of 2 meals there in mammy. So just get stressed and save your cash. All corp members are expected to be hustlers so stop thinking like the one not to talk of acting like the one that has “hammered”

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