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What Your Plans Should Be After Passing out.

Congratulations on your Passing Out?

I know it’s been a tough, hot and rough one year but you’ve finally made it. You deserve a pat on the back.

Now if you didn’t read our article on What Your Plans Should Be After NYSC, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I will be giving you the various things you can do after your service year if you aren’t really doing anything now.

1. Firstly, be sure to send out your CV’s. Now a few of you might have done this before your Passing put ceremony. Be sure to send this out to various institutions of your interest. Do not discriminate against any institution. The labor market might be difficult but its has several opportunities.

2. Your SAED training is finally useful?.(Even though we never thought it would be) You can establish yourself in any handwork you engage in. Soft loans are issued by banks and organizations to aid Corpers start up their independent entrepreneurial businesses. So be sure to reach out.

3. Internship?. You are never too old to do internship with an organization. This gives your more work experience whether or not in your field. Never forget that no knowledge is wasted. Besides you get to fill in that time with  something valuable and adds to your CV.

4. Make good use of social media. It’s no hidden thing that a lot of Graduates find their jobs and skills through social media. So be sure to put yourself out there. Don’t be shy. Use your twitter as a storm of advertising your CV. You can tag us to RT @_nysc.

Dont be shy to reach out for help on your social media. Your helper could be a RY away ?

An Ode To Our Batch A Stream I Corpers.

One year begun,

with so much uncertainty and fear

but then the time you thought would never come,

Is finally here.

Remember the long queues

and those awful orange shoes

coupled with the hot red sun

plus the food that was barely done

The Soldiers were another thing

waking us up at 5am in the morning

working you down to your spleen

and turned dancing into mourning

But those three weeks were over

and you actually thought things could get better didn’t you

But that scheme still had the power

and wherever they wanted, you’d move.

Down to the struggle of going to your PPA

And going there everyday

To Compulsory Days for Slacking(CDS)

That if you didn’t attend would make them send you packing

Fast forward to Monthly clearance

Those compulsory sufferhead plans

Thst would take you a week

and would always make you go home weak

But finally after all those challenges

you’ve overcome and succeeded

To finally encounter the different world’s faces

With the one year experience that has made you more guarded.

So from us to you, congratulations

And ensure you have an amazing celebration

Part and hope you don’t become a hackest

As you take a plunge into the large pool of the labor market.

Good luck.



A sad end has come to the journey on earth of a young Benue man simply identified as Abba Peter Ameh who had just completed his one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.
It was revealed that Ameh who was one of the Batch B Stream 2 set corp members that passed out on Friday, November 4, was reportedly heading back home to meet his family in Benue State when the fatal accident occurred on Sunday, November 6.

The fatal auto mishap took place along the deadly Otukpa -Ugbokolo Road in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State.

We sympathize with his family and pray his soul rests in peace.


2014/2015 Batch A POP Now February 19


The NYSC has released a new date for the 2014/2015 Batch ‘A’ Passing-Out-Parade. The 2014  Batch A POP date has now been scheduled for Thursday, February 19, 2015.

The former date was March 2nd for collection of discharge certificates by corps members. The date for clearance has also been extended to Tuesday, February 17. Corps members should note that discharge certificates are to be distributed at NYSC Local Government Offices as there will be no ceremonies.

The 2014 Batch ‘A’ Corps members were supposed to partake as officers in the forthcoming general elections which was earlier scheduled to take place on February 14 and 28. But upon the postponement of the general elections to March 28 and April 11, the NYSC have no other reason to hold back corps members who are already itching to pass out.

Oya, Shekini!


Abuja’s 2012 NYSC successful – Co-ordinator

The FCT Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps, Frank Ekpunobi, yesterday disclosed that no life of any Batch ‘B’ corps member deployed to the FCT was lost throughout the 2012 service year.

The coordinator, who made the disclosure at the passing out ceremony of the corps members, attributed the success story to the prayers offered at the commencement of the service year.

He commended the corps members for their contributions to the growth and development of the FCT, and the transformation of lives of their host communities.
Delivering the FCT minister’s speech, the Director, Finance and Administration, FCTA, Salisu Kalamu, urged the corps members to proffer solutions to the country’s socio-economic and security challenges rather than lamenting.