Suggest Ways to #ImproveNYSC

President Buhari has reiterated his resolve to maintain & sustain NYSC as a veritable instrument for National Integration. In view of this, the Director General of the NYSC, Brig. Gen. Olawumi Johnson has invited Corps members to make suggestions on the aspects of the Scheme that need to be improved upon asides allowance.

Now we don’t know why the DG is telling us that allowance increment is a no-go area. I think he just wants us to shift our focus away from that for now. Also it is a known fact that that is the first area the average corper would suggest for improvement. But many are asking for more. Many suggest more should be done in enabling corpers for life after service. Some call for in-depth entrepreneurial training instead of teaching for 11 months and then going back to being jobless for years. Some have suggested giving corpers the whole allowance at once for them to start businesses or to put their ideas to test. But I trust our youth, they will take that N237,600 (N19,800 x 12months) and go on a shopping spree.

The conversation has started on Twitter and here are some of the best tweets on how to improve NYSC. We all have ideas on how NYSC can be improved but nobody is listening. Add your suggestions in the comments section below. The DG will now take your suggestions on how to #improveNYSC

We’ll now take your comments…


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