Shameful: Corper Brags About Sexual Exploits With A Student

One Corper, Mr. Gbadamosi Mayowa, posted to a secondary school in Edo State, has taken to social media to brag about his sexual exploits with a female student, and how he spent February 14 drinking alcohol with his teenage male students.

He backed up this mind-numbing stories with a video and photo of the female student, plus a caption where he bragged about being among the ‘#BadGang.’

This revelation has sparked outrage on social media, with many Nigerians calling for the self-confessed offender’s arrest.

“NYSC should look into this please,” said Instagrammer @rodd_82, adding, “Our NGO’s like @standtoendrape should please help out on this matter. Concerned citizens please keep tagging people that can help until they respond, this girl may be underaged. This is awful.”

Another Instragrammer, @ogeukaogo, added, “He is bragging about sleeping with an under aged girl, he should be arrested and NYSC should also needs to locate him at once.”

Also, @monisolami identified the sexual offender as a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. She said, “Chai.. Mayowa such a shame and u graduated from futa fah.. I expected more.”


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