The chief executive officer of Geotag Oil and gas Chief Dr. Amb. Gabriel C. E. Oyibode has urged the federal government to look into the activities and usefulness of the National Youth Service Corps to the nation and thw youths. Stressing that one of the major purposes of establishing the scheme is to unite Nigerians across ethnic divides of which it has not see the light of the day.

Amb. Oyibode made this call yesterday, Friday when speaking to news men in his residence, Gwarimpa, Abuja. The former governorship aspirant of the people’s democratic party PDP in Delta state, said the time, energy and resource those graduates spend in the camp seems to be useless because there are still many of them that pass out from the service yet cannot be useful to themselves nor the society because there is no job for them to do in order to make a better living.

“There are many graduates in the street now looking for job for the pass ten years after services yet there is no job. What is the service to Nigerians, Amb. Oyibode asked sarcastically.

The most painful part of it is, that situation whereby in the course of serving the nation, student coppers will be used to conduct elections and in the process many of them died and there is no body to be held responsible. We have seen a situation where many of our coppers died in elections in Nigeria and take another instance was The First Class Graduate Who Died At Kano State NYSC Camp, After She Fell Sick And Was Forced To Undergo Drilling Because They Thought She Was Pretending, Amb. Oyibode stated.

Moreover, there is no country in the world where what is Akin to National Youth Service Corps is practiced. We have to review our educational system and see if our sducational products are not better than those countries that do not practice this so called National Youth Service Corps.”

Amb. Oyibode went further to say, if federal government mean the business of diversifying Nigeria Economy, the government should stop wasting money and time in National Youth Service Corps rather such money should be used in building or establishing manufacturing or factory companies where graduates can be employed every year. with that the government can be able to create 10 percent jobs for job seekers and that will reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

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