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During the NYSC camp period, we are all expected to be involved one way or another as agents of change and development to whatever community we have been assigned to. One of our currently serving Corpers, Mr. Nwanfor Odinakachi has shared his experience being a development agent for his community. He says:

“During my NYSC Orientation programme, I was taught to be an ‘Agent of Community Development’. It wasone of the major things I learnt.
Immediately after the orientation programme, I dived into action. I, with substantial help, initiated several projects in my serving community, including :
i. Establishment of I. C. T. Centre for a rural community secondary school (my host community),
ii. Basic Computer Training in my host community,
iii. Computer Base Test Training (for 2015/2016 JAMB UTME) in IDP Camp in Jos South Local Government Council, Zang Commercial College and GSS Lamingo, and
iiii. Sensitisation and Online Pre-Enrolment of the New National E-identity Card in my host community and the entire Jos North Local Government Council.
Among these projects, the most challenging was the establishment of I. C. T. due to the fact that it is quite capital intensive, but I never gave up.
The total estimated budget for the establishment of the centre was One Million, One Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand Naira (N1, 167,000). Shocked? The project was completed, commissioned and handed over!

Initially, I was scared of the budget, but I never gave up. I had to develop a letter and proposal to source for fund. Along the line, I observed that it is quite difficult to get financial funds! Reason being that, there is economic hardship in the country.

To cut down cost, I had to far distances in quest to source for fund, The state House of Assembly got tired of my frequent visit to the House and some people even thought that I was serving in office of the Chairman, Jos North Local Government Council due to my frequent visit to the Council.

My state Coordinator was restless when he saw my ‘JUNGLE BOOT’ which was worn-out! He promised to give me another one but I guess he could not find any.


At the end of all of these, I am happy to tell you that the following were achieved:
a. Full functional ICT centre with the following equipments:
i. 9 brand new Samsung Laptops
ii. 3 Desktop Computer System (with flat screen)
iii. Set of Generator
iiii. Biometric Machine
v. Printer
vi. Internet Router

b. Over 1000 youths and students were trained on Basic Computer Operation and Computer Base Test, at:
i. IDP Camp
ii. Government Secondary School and
iii. Zang Commercial College, Bukuru
c. Over 1000 National Id-Card enrollment.

I hope my story inspires you that you can be an agent of development too if you simply put your mind to it and persevere. Thank you.”
Nwafor Odinakachi A.
[email protected]
State Code: PL/15A/1837
State of Deployment: Plateau State
PPA: Government Secondary School, Lamingo, Jos North


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