I Found an Angel in Camp!!! (Message to the Devil)


I don’t know if I should call her an angel or a demon. All I know is she got lost and found herself in that helly domicile called NYSC CAMP.
Scientists would call her an Allien buh any stupid man like me would call her Beautiful. Mr Devil, Such a Ugly and cruel world they say, how come there’s this strange beautiful creature roaming the Earth. She disturbs my mind and I dont think I can ever stop thinking of her.

“I have a dream, I have a dream!..”
Martin Luther screamed.
I’m sure she was in that dream.
Any dream without her is the definition of nightmare.

Morning drills; dance and exercise the body… Really!!! I never knew; To me, it was another opportunity to see an angel. I called it Morning Thrills…
I’m not dat dumb, I approached her, I took a pix with her, I spoke to her and I got her digits. I havnt dialled her though, I’ll do that when I learn the Heavenly Language. I havnt spoken to an angel before!!. She gat me wishing Camp was from then till forever ends, buh now Camp’s over. All I can say is I’ve been to hell and I’m back.
And if the devil’s not the one reading this letter. Tell him I found an angel in hell…




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