Dan dan dan…. *que in mysterious music*

So as NYSC approaches, I feel dread in my spirit rise. My mind becomes more and more unsettled and I feel like judgement day approaches whenever I think about it?

Some of you might think I’m being over dramatic but to be honest, this is serious in my mind.

There’s this ideology my mind has constructed over the years about the NYSC program. From the Uniforms (especially the boots and the cap?…Lord help us) to the name you’ll be addressed by for the next one year, ‘corper’ then to the fact that you are basically at the end of whatever organizational chain you are assigned, is enough to discourage me. So you can imagine how many rounds prayers and fasting I made for it to be scrapped or made optional. But alas, God has a sense of humor?.

I’ve already signed up and registered for Camp this month and by next week, unfortunately , I will be posted and going to some unknown destination to await my fate.

And to my horror, my parents seem to be more than excited to send me to camp. I kid you not when I say they went out of their way to buy things for camp last week?. I thought parents loved and valued their only female child?

So, I’ll be putting on updates on my hopefully not so painful NYSC journey and how to survive too.

Suggestions and comments are welcome plus some of your experiences will also be documented if you share.

Welcome to the Dairy of a reluctant ‘to-be’ corper.


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