Cousin beats Corper Almost To Death

Yesterday , a Facebook member Ideis Suleiman took to the social media platform to share this story of an NYSC member who was almost killed days to her wedding.


Hamida ,a beautiful young girl?? from kano got battered by her own cousin! why?? no reason
as he says she has grown wings and he had to put her in her place!
Hamida just finished? Bayero university kano and is currently serving.
“It doesn’t add up” i told her what did you do to him.
walahi nothing.
Is he on drugs
No, they carried out drug test and the test came out clean!
Ok toh please walk me thru what really happened.
I was about to get married, my husband’s family just brought lefe and it was merry merry.
They brought many boxes Alhamdullillah.
i was really happy.
I guess it didn’t sit well with my relatives.
Any way a few days to my wedding fatiha, i was at home and i heard some one knocking.
I was the only adult in the house se wani brother na that is really young.
I stood up, peeped thru and saw my cousin (his mom and my mom are sisters, same mom same dad)
I opened the door and we exchanged pleasantries.
I left him in the palour and i went to the room.
I realized he was following me.
it wasn’t weird at all as he has no boundaries in our house!!!
i laid on the bed and continued chatting with a friend.
i noticed he was a bit erratic,
Then he started opening the lefe boxes and throwing thing all over the place,
na ce lafiya? what are you looking for.
My shirt he answered!
your shirt? here? i asked now a bit worried
He now turned with so much fire in his eye and said “say one word again and see if i don’t finish you”
finish me, are you well?
haba before i knew it, he pounced on me,
walahi NYSC se dai ki karasa a lahira.
Aure kuma ayi mugani
yau se na kashe ki!
After that i passed out
i now recall faintly my younger brother shouting and calling for help
He carried a cable and strangled me!!
my life flashed before my eyes
i can recall bits and pieces
people now rushed and where holding him
he kept saying leave me i have to kill her!!!
inalillahi wa innailahi rajiun
this is mycousin,
same blood.

Later on they rushed me to the hospital.
I had fractured ribs, he has hit my head so hard i had terrible headache for days
walahi anty layla i have never experienced in my life.
iIam trying to wrap my head around this Hamida.
kin mishi lefi ne!
“No walahi”.
Does he have mental issues
“not that we know of gaskiya, we had to call the police and later take him to court.
“where is his mom” i asked “what did she say”.
Do you know for weeks that i was in the hospital, she and her family never visited me,
when we took the case to court, she now got an amazing lawyer that would defend her son!!!
can you imagine!!!
yanzu the case has been adjourned to 5 of this month.
I can’t begin to tell you how depressed i am anty layla. i can”T leave my room, any one that comes near me, i feel would hit me,
i am having seroius panic attacks.
Please i need prayers??.”

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