Reactions: Corps Member Donates N10,000 Allowance To President Jonathan’s Re-election

A member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi, has donated the sum of N10,000 to the re-election bid of President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a Press Statement signed by Mr. Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Media & Publicity disclosed that the donation was sent before the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) adopted the President yesterday as its sole candidate for the 2015 presidential elections.

In the letter forwarding his donation, the Corps member who hails from Ukehe, Enugu State, urged President Jonathan to seek re-election in 2015 and assured him of his continuous support and other patriotic Nigerians.

“Nigerians are behind you. We see your good works in power, transportation, education, housing, ICT, sports, electoral reforms, observation of the principle of federal character and the creation of investment opportunities.

“The insurgents who are trying to destabilize your Administration are enemies of peace and progress. You will surely defeat them,” the corps member wrote.

President Jonathan in his reply to Sunday said that he was deeply touched and encouraged by the immense support his administration continues to receive from young Nigerians from all parts of the country.

His words: “Your gracious gesture is particularly gratifying, coming as it does from one of our nation’s vibrant and gifted youth who are our successor generation and for whom our Administration is unequivocally committed to providing the requisite environment to optimally realize their tremendous creative and productive potentials.

“As I carry on with the task of positively transforming our country for its God-ordained greatness and prosperity, I will continue to count on the goodwill as well as the practical and prayerful support of committed patriots like you.”

The President assured Sunday and other young Nigerians that he will continue to do his best in the service of the nation in keeping with their trust and expectations.

Also in response to the President’s reply Nnamdi said in a Facebook status update:

“My 10k donation 2 Goodluck in surport of his re election come 2015 is only 2 tell him dt d youths of dis nation is strongly by him,with n also in surport of him, complet d Gud work n transformation of dis country as he has started. Also welcoming his bold and open appriciation 2 my donation nt minding hw litle it may appear 2 him as a president of a nation as read by yesterdays vangard. Gudluck Nigeria lets surport him do it again.”

The action has since sparked controversy amongst the Nigerian youths. While many of them condemned the young man for carrying out such a act, a few others praised him.

Adebayo Ajayi, a student of the university of Ibadan who said, “Don’t mind him and the clique. I am sure he is the son of one of them, if not, how did he get access to the president’s account? Did he go to a bank and ask for the president’s account or he went to Aso Rock seeking audience with the president as ‘ordinary’ citizen and is now led before the president to make his donation. All smells kangaroo. ” and then he jokingly added “Me too I want to donate part of my pocket money o, which account of Mr President do I pay it into”

A Twitter user, Boltonbooyan, also reacted saying “Don’t mind the guy, he just want unnecessary recognition. We all know that such donation wouldn’t go without a financial reward or appointment. The guy has only invested, he will surely get back his profit from GEJ. ”

Olufemi Adeniyi who reacted on an online news portal, said “That corper must be among the bad Nigerians that condone evil. His primary responsibility is to serve Nigeria and not to finance political party or candidate. In a sane society his money will either be returned to him or he is excluded from the national service for being partisan. A Youth Corper serving THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA should not be partisan, and his primary duties have been politically compromised, this youth corper is exposing other youth corpers to political attack especially in a hostile region. Youth corpers are expected to be neutral in political matters, and a responsible government must ensure they are neutral, because youth corpers are used for electoral processes, Imagine if this youth corper is used as an electoral officer, we know the result in advance…May be he is buying a good job for himself in the future since majority of Nigerians do not do things in the normal ways. ”

On the other hand, @SamuelOchai on twitter thinks “It is a Planned PR exercise” while Sola Williams on Nairaland says “The guy must be a student PDP, all na politics sha. What a nice investment. Na this guy get sense pass. I sincerely salute your wisdom brother.”

Activist, @Ayourb, said,

“There is something called CDS – Community Development Service – for corps members, he should have donated that money for a good cause in his community but now he is making his donation like a drop of water in an ocean.” A fellow serving corps member, Ifeanyi said.

What do you think of this gesture by Nnamdi? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Which ever and way think about it na the guy smart pass. His action might bring a positive effect to corpers allowee as well as an appointment for himself. I believe Goodluck Jonathan a million times!

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