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Nysc Member Finally Laid To Rest

We reported last week about a Corper Mr, Toeiseju Lodge who was murdered outside his apartment in Oghara, Delta state. NYSC Member Killed By Suspected Cultist.

It is in great sorrow that we report that he has been buried. He was buried by his fellow Corps members admist tears. It was a sad day and it was reported that no one wished to engage in refreshments during the burial because of the sad way he had died.

May his soul Rest In Peace.


Parents Mourn Dead Nysc Member

A story reported  of the Corper who was killed by an alleged Cultist has reached the ears of his parents.

See story here: NYSC Member Killed By Suspected Cultist.

The parents of Toritseju Lodge have expressed their sorrow as the news of their dead son reached their ears.

According to an anonymous family member, who chose to be anonymous, the family had been trying to reach out to the state public relation officer of the police DSP, Andrew Aniamaka but the effort was futile as his phone line was not available.

The victim is said to be a graduate from one of the universities in Oghara. His parents stay in Sapele, but he rented an apartment in Oghara.

We urge the police to get in contact with the family of the victim.

NYSC Member Killed By Suspected Cultist.

Yesterday a National Youth Service Corps, member, was shot dead in Delta

Toriseju Lodge was shot dead at Oghara in Delta State by a suspected cultist in front of his apartment.

He was serving in Imo State and was said to have returned to his rented apartment in Oghara, for the Easter celebrations with his friends.

It appeared to be a normal robbery as reports claimed that the gunman who was said to be wearing a mask, sighted Toriseju checking his phone in the open, shot him twice and robbed him of his belongings before leaving.

The body has been taken to the morgue but we would like to call the attention of various involved authorities to bring justice to him.

What Your Plans Should Be After Passing out.

Congratulations on your Passing Out?

I know it’s been a tough, hot and rough one year but you’ve finally made it. You deserve a pat on the back.

Now if you didn’t read our article on What Your Plans Should Be After NYSC, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I will be giving you the various things you can do after your service year if you aren’t really doing anything now.

1. Firstly, be sure to send out your CV’s. Now a few of you might have done this before your Passing put ceremony. Be sure to send this out to various institutions of your interest. Do not discriminate against any institution. The labor market might be difficult but its has several opportunities.

2. Your SAED training is finally useful?.(Even though we never thought it would be) You can establish yourself in any handwork you engage in. Soft loans are issued by banks and organizations to aid Corpers start up their independent entrepreneurial businesses. So be sure to reach out.

3. Internship?. You are never too old to do internship with an organization. This gives your more work experience whether or not in your field. Never forget that no knowledge is wasted. Besides you get to fill in that time with  something valuable and adds to your CV.

4. Make good use of social media. It’s no hidden thing that a lot of Graduates find their jobs and skills through social media. So be sure to put yourself out there. Don’t be shy. Use your twitter as a storm of advertising your CV. You can tag us to RT @_nysc.

Dont be shy to reach out for help on your social media. Your helper could be a RY away ?

NYSC Member Arrested.

A Corper has been locked up for using his employers N3.5M for MMM and Twinkas pyramid schemes.
The Batch B Corper had hoped to make quick profit from the Ponzi scheme but was disappointed when the scheme fell through quickly. He was arrested and arraigned for embezzlement by his employers, after his employers had requested for the money but couldn’t collect it because of both schemes failure.

According to Politics Nigeria, his situation was made public his plight by a colleague, a lawyer, who
missed the last community development service (CDS) and took advantage of the group’s WhatsApp platform to explain his absence.

The lawyer, Augustine Ukpo, wrote:

“I was in court representing our Corper member colleague who was arrested and arraigned today before the Agbomalu Magistrate Court involved in N3.5 million embezzlement from his PPA (Place of Primary Assignment).”

Giving an update the next day, corper Ukpo wrote on the same platform:

“I earlier posted you guys that one (of) our Corper colleague(s) was arrested and arraigned yesterday.
He is now in Kirikiri Medium Prison pending the perfection of his bail conditions. While interviewing the corper member, I noticed bruises all over his body – evidence that he was beaten. He was kept in police custody for more than 24 hours. These got me furious as a lawyer.

Even though the corper agreed that he used the money for MMM and Twinkas, his fundamental right should not be compromised. In this vein, I shall be filing a fundamental right action against the employer of the Corper.”

The Corper refused to disclose the name of his client but posted photos showing signs of torture allegedly inflicted on him in a police cell before he was transferred to prison custody.

Hotel Employees Arrested Over Death Of Corper.

This morning, The Guardian newspaper published an article claiming that a hotel manager and another employee in Enugu have been arrested by the police over the death of a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member on Saturday evening.  in the hotel’s swimming pool at Ugwuoba, Oji River Local Council of the state.

The Corpers’ identity is yet to be revealed. According to this report the Corper allegedly got drowned at the swimming pool of the Hotel De Oranzi Resort, Ugwuoba, Oji River Local Council, during a picnic with his friends, but was later rushed to a hospital in Amaku Awka, where doctors pronounced dead.

Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, the Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), has confirmed to the media that the workers were being held for refusing to report the incident to the police which has arisen suspicion. He  stressed that till now, the workers have not revealed the identity of the deceased corps member which is an indication that they might be trying to conceal the act.

He said, “We have commenced full-scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding the alleged drowning of a corps member at the hotel swimming pool. We gathered that the deceased had gone to celebrate with other NYSC members for completing their service year, when one of them allegedly got drowned and was later rescued before being rushed to General Hospital Amaku Awka but was confirmed dead on arrival by the doctor on duty” Amaraizu added.

He stated that the body of the deceased has been deposited at the mortuary, stressing that efforts were being intensified to establish the full identity of the victim.

May his Soul Rest In Peace.

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NYSC Member Dies A Few Hours To Passing Out Ceremony.

A few hours to his Passing Out  ceremony, corp member, Segun Daniel, died shortly after complaining of headache.

He was concluding his service in Sokoto state. THis news was put on a social media platform by his friend.

Here’s what his friend, Solanke, wrote;

“I was about calling to congratulate you on the completion of your NYSC when I received the news of your demise. Just this past week, U sent me your service pictures that u wish to enlarge them whenever you are back and have kept your passport photograph not knowing you won’t come back for it ..

Agbayanu Daniel as I fondly call u… The moments we shared will forever be fresh in my memory. You made an impact in my life… I can never forget you blood. Still finding it difficult to believe u are gone my senior friend … RIP Saanu Daniel Segun”

Also, another friend Daniel, confirmed the news by writing;

‘Hmmmm Death why did you snatch away this soul. Already at the edge of fulfilling destiny yet you took him away. Saanu Daniel Segun i wish you can wake up. I remember how we spoke at learnt discussing your plans. Never knew that will be the end. Still in shock about your demise. You were an inspiration in the music minisytry, i look up to you in worship session. You were not only a best friend but also a family, we bonded, play and scold each other. I never imagined this how we gonna end.

Thank God you made use of the opportunity of being zealous for the work of God.
Rest in the bossom of the lord.
Sun re o my ever loving namesake and brother in CHRIST ‘

May his soul Rest In Peace.


An Ode To Our Batch A Stream I Corpers.

One year begun,

with so much uncertainty and fear

but then the time you thought would never come,

Is finally here.

Remember the long queues

and those awful orange shoes

coupled with the hot red sun

plus the food that was barely done

The Soldiers were another thing

waking us up at 5am in the morning

working you down to your spleen

and turned dancing into mourning

But those three weeks were over

and you actually thought things could get better didn’t you

But that scheme still had the power

and wherever they wanted, you’d move.

Down to the struggle of going to your PPA

And going there everyday

To Compulsory Days for Slacking(CDS)

That if you didn’t attend would make them send you packing

Fast forward to Monthly clearance

Those compulsory sufferhead plans

Thst would take you a week

and would always make you go home weak

But finally after all those challenges

you’ve overcome and succeeded

To finally encounter the different world’s faces

With the one year experience that has made you more guarded.

So from us to you, congratulations

And ensure you have an amazing celebration

Part and hope you don’t become a hackest

As you take a plunge into the large pool of the labor market.

Good luck.

Cousin beats Corper Almost To Death

Yesterday , a Facebook member Ideis Suleiman took to the social media platform to share this story of an NYSC member who was almost killed days to her wedding.


Hamida ,a beautiful young girl?? from kano got battered by her own cousin! why?? no reason
as he says she has grown wings and he had to put her in her place!
Hamida just finished? Bayero university kano and is currently serving.
“It doesn’t add up” i told her what did you do to him.
walahi nothing.
Is he on drugs
No, they carried out drug test and the test came out clean!
Ok toh please walk me thru what really happened.
I was about to get married, my husband’s family just brought lefe and it was merry merry.
They brought many boxes Alhamdullillah.
i was really happy.
I guess it didn’t sit well with my relatives.
Any way a few days to my wedding fatiha, i was at home and i heard some one knocking.
I was the only adult in the house se wani brother na that is really young.
I stood up, peeped thru and saw my cousin (his mom and my mom are sisters, same mom same dad)
I opened the door and we exchanged pleasantries.
I left him in the palour and i went to the room.
I realized he was following me.
it wasn’t weird at all as he has no boundaries in our house!!!
i laid on the bed and continued chatting with a friend.
i noticed he was a bit erratic,
Then he started opening the lefe boxes and throwing thing all over the place,
na ce lafiya? what are you looking for.
My shirt he answered!
your shirt? here? i asked now a bit worried
He now turned with so much fire in his eye and said “say one word again and see if i don’t finish you”
finish me, are you well?
haba before i knew it, he pounced on me,
walahi NYSC se dai ki karasa a lahira.
Aure kuma ayi mugani
yau se na kashe ki!
After that i passed out
i now recall faintly my younger brother shouting and calling for help
He carried a cable and strangled me!!
my life flashed before my eyes
i can recall bits and pieces
people now rushed and where holding him
he kept saying leave me i have to kill her!!!
inalillahi wa innailahi rajiun
this is mycousin,
same blood.

Later on they rushed me to the hospital.
I had fractured ribs, he has hit my head so hard i had terrible headache for days
walahi anty layla i have never experienced in my life.
iIam trying to wrap my head around this Hamida.
kin mishi lefi ne!
“No walahi”.
Does he have mental issues
“not that we know of gaskiya, we had to call the police and later take him to court.
“where is his mom” i asked “what did she say”.
Do you know for weeks that i was in the hospital, she and her family never visited me,
when we took the case to court, she now got an amazing lawyer that would defend her son!!!
can you imagine!!!
yanzu the case has been adjourned to 5 of this month.
I can’t begin to tell you how depressed i am anty layla. i can”T leave my room, any one that comes near me, i feel would hit me,
i am having seroius panic attacks.
Please i need prayers??.”

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Corper Presents Brand New Laptop To Best Graduating student At PPA.

One of the members the National Youth Service Corps who is currently serving in Port Harcourt, Rivers state has made headlines by awarding a brand new Lenovo laptop to the best graduating SS3 student of Government Senior Secondary School, Elekahia, Port Harcourt, Rivers state which is his place of primary assignment.

The recipient, Okoro Izuchukwu is a graduating SS3 student, and an aspiring lawyer. The gesture moved the recipient to tears as he was presented the prize for his diligence and hard-work.

The Corp member who goes by the instagram name @phoenix23401 shared the photo some few minutes ago as he awaits for his Passing Out Parade (POP) on Friday, 7th April, 2017.

We congratulate the recipient and give the Corper three heart cheers.

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